11 Best IVR Service Provider In India 2022

IVR services has bring resolution in customer support domain by providing 24×7 support to clients in various services like in inbound sales, outbound sales, and marketing.

If you want to install an IVR system that caters to your business needs and provides customer support, then we have curated a list of the 11 best IVR service providers in India to help you make an ideal choice.

We have categorized these IVR service providers under 2 categories – “best IVR service providers in India” and “Cheapest IVR service provider in India”, to address your requirements precisely.

Without any further ado, let’s go ahead.

Best IVR Service Provider in India 2022

#1. Servetel Communications

 Servetel Communications

Servetel is an advanced cloud telephone IVR service provider that offers toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, voice broadcasting, IVR based services, and more. 

Servetel offers basic, advanced, and premium plans. 

The basic plan is suitable for beginners, advanced plan is suitable if you are a medium-sized business. You can opt for a premium plan if you need interactive voice processes and services.

They provide services for big companies like Cipla, SAP, Glidec, OLA and Cars24.


  • Dashboard with Basic IVR and advanced IVR reduce human dependency. 
  • Missed call service for campaigns. 
  • The toll-free number for building reptation and reach customers. 
  • Virtual number for businesses suitable for campaigns. 
  • All outbound and received calls can be recorded. 
  • Real-time analytics and call logs to track overall performance. 
  • Call forwarding to route customer calls to available resources.
  • Live call monitoring with remote admin portal. 
  • SMS alerts for received and missed calls. 
  • Voice broadcasts to send outbound calls to connect with customers. 
  • Schedule call routing to IVR agents based on availability and shift timing. 
  • Custom on-hold music, and personalized IVR for better customer satisfaction. 
  • Bulk SMS packages. 


Servetel offers a fully functional 15 days free trial that includes SMS and call services, customized IVR greeting, and access to cloud-based telephone services. 

The pricing of the plans is usage-based and the number of services availed so you only pay for what you use. 

Best For: SME’s, Enterprises, and Startups.

#2. Exotel 


Exotel offers interactive voice, SMS, and authentication services. The company provides services to major clients like Practo, Quikr, Redbus, and more. 


  • Option to set up automated scripted calls that enable customers to self solve minor issues reducing human dependency. 
  • Virtual number-creation feature to generate new numbers. 
  • Analytics to measure the performance of the company. 
  • Voice API for generating customized IVR for better customer satisfaction. 
  • Campaigns API to schedule calls and get feedback from customers. 
  • Transactional and promotional messages to customers. 
  • Call monitoring and contact management for better ease of follow up.
  • nOTP feature for two-factor authentication, transaction, logins, and password reset authentication. 
  • Dedicated customer care for faster issue resolution. 


Exotel prices are per product basis so you get to pay only the services you want to use. Exotel offers a trial period of 1000 credits that you can use on voice and SMS services.

You get three plans to choose from

  • Dabbler: For Rs. 9999, you get 6 months validity in which the company charges 4,999 as rental and you get Rs. 5000 usage balance for calls and SMS along with three agents, one virtual number, multi-level IVR, and unlimited channels.
  • Believer: For 19,999 you get one-year validity with Rs 9500 worth of credits for calls and messages. You get 2 exophones(virtual numbers), Multi-Level IVR, and 6 agents. 
  • Influencer: For 49,999, you get a one year warranty with Rs 39,000 credits, 10 virtual numbers, unlimited agents, unlimited channels, and multilevel IVR. 

Apart from these, you can design your custom plans according to your needs by contacting them. 

Best For: SMEs and Enterprises. 

#3. CallHippo


Callhippo offers on-demand Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. The company supports local numbers from over 40 countries. Callhippo offers deployment of a flexible telephony network suitable for a growing startup to get going. 

The company provides services for Instagram, Deloitte, Adobe, PayTM, and other major companies. 


  •  You can set a unique number for every department in the company. 
  • Enable voice mail after working hours. 
  • Record incoming calls for quality training. 
  • Custom on-hold music. 
  • Option to get local numbers in over 50 countries. 
  • Status reports for better monitoring. 
  • Call forwarding feature to reduce waiting time. 
  • Call conferencing to easily add another agent in case of additional support requirements. 


  • Bronze: For Rs, 588 per user, you get a free number, forward to device option, SMS, voicemail, Teams, and call recording options this plan is suitable for startups. 
  • Silver: For Rs. 1,103 per user, you get unlimited incoming calls, call queuing, set user working hours, after call work, internal team calling, call remainder, call cascading, and holiday routing. 
  • Platinum: For Rs 2573, per user, you get call transfer, 3-way calling, IP whitelisting, APP blocking, route to an external number, custom caller ID, call barging, and an option to forward to multiple devices. 

Best For: Startups and companies with branches in different countries. 

#4. Bay Talkitec

Bay Talkitec

Bay talkitec offers mobile VAS< Video Gateway, voice announcer, and IVR services. The company has mostly government clients including the airport authority of India, Income tax department, BSNL and MTNL, LIC, and private companies like  Reliance Infocomm, Infosys, and Tata. 


  • Agent monitoring, training, and conferencing feature. 
  • Voice logger and voice mail. 
  • Web call, Fax, and SMS support. 
  • Automatic inbound call distribution with skill-based routing. 
  • Speech recognition and text to speech. 
  • Intelligent soft switch, 
  • Agent scripting tool 
  • IVR application scripting for customized IVR. 
  • Database connectivity. 
  • Multilevel IVR support. 


The company has no information on pricing on their website. But you can get their executives contact from website. 

Best For: SMEs and Enterprises. 

#5. Knowlarity


Knowlarity is known for its personalized IVR systems that greet you by the customer’s name which leaves a great impression on your clients and customers. 

The company has integrated artificial intelligence in its IVR systems that predict the customer based on their interaction history and directs to the right menu greatly enhancing your customer experience. 


  • Quick and uninterrupted support to your customers with no complicated menu navigation. 
  • Automatic call routing beyond working hours to certain agents for round the clock support. 
  • Support for configuring sophisticated IVR call flows with menu and sub-menu options. 
  • Maintain a caller database with information such as call duration, time, date, caller details, location, and conversation for quick issue resolution.
  • Option to choose IVR number from a pool of international and domestic, virtual, and toll-free numbers for overseas clients. 
  • Call center analytics dashboard to analyze performance and traffic. 
  • Easy call routing between departments. 


You get three plans – Advance plan, Premium plan, and Premium Plus plan all with similar features like basic IVR, advanced IVR, and API access. 

Reports and Alerts are available only on premium and premium plus plans. Call recording is limited to three months in advance plan whereas it is unlimited in the remaining two plans. 

Apart from these plans, you also get an enterprise option that you can customize according to your company’s needs. Knowlarity has not mentioned any pricing on these plans on their website. 

You will get a 7 day free trial on all the plans before buying.

Best For: Startups, SMBs and Enterprises. 

#6. Ozonetel


Ozonetel offers multi-level IVR giving you the option to handle calls in an organized manner. You can use natural language or DTMF tones to select options. The cloud-based IVR solution, it enables you to connect with customers and maintain the record of conversations easily. 


  • Create custom welcome messages, after-hour messages, and holiday messages. 
  • Customers can choose from a multi-level menu to connect to the right department. 
  • Cloud IVR routes to remote agents even when they are not logged in via browsers or mobile devices. 
  • Agents get real-time access to customers with profile information for better query solving. 
  • Skill-based routing for better-suited agents as per query. 
  • Auto logging feature for after-hour work. 
  •  Auto sends customized outbound calls for better customer engagement. 


Ozonetel does not have any pricing information on their website. You can contact them on their website for plans on custom integration. 

Best For: Startups

#7. Genesys


Genesys is a global customer experience platform offering excellent customer management tools for companies in 120 countries. You can be sure of the support and uptime with Genesys. 


  • Speech-enabled IVR for better customer experience. 
  • Drag and drop call flow builder for ease of creating a call routing system. 
  • Pure cloud IVR solution for speech recognition supported IVR for self-service reducing human dependency. 
  • Open API’s to create customized call flows and information suited for individual needs. 


You get three levels of plans – Genesys Cloud 1, Genesys Cloud 2, and Genesys Cloud 3.

  • Genesys Cloud 1: For $75 per month, you get IVR minutes, data storage, API requests, inbound, and outbound voice calls. 
  • Genesys Cloud 2: For $100 a month, you get AI-powered customer management, unlimited email and chat, extra IVR minutes, data storage, and API requests. 
  • Genesys Cloud 2: For $140 per month, you get workforce engagement management, SMS and messaging app routing, maximum IVR minutes, and API requests. 

Best For: Enterprises and growing startups

Cheapest IVR Service Provider in India 

#8. IVR Guru

IVR Guru

IVR Guru offers a flexible cloud telephony solution for customer interaction and marketing campaigns. IVR guru has a virtual number option that eliminates the need for an expensive telephonic system. 


  • Automatic call distribution system. 
  • Support for third party CRM integration. 
  • Call recording option for quality control. 
  • Multi-level IVR for handling concurrent calls. 
  • Auto Dialer for inbound and outbound calls. 
  • Missed call panel for generating leads and checking customer interest in products. 
  • Employee tracking system for analyzing productivity. 


IVR Guru offers three plans – Startup, Enterprises, and Premium. 

  • Startup: For Rs. 7200, you get 12 months of validity with 4000 minutes free, 5 agents, support for 3 departments, Blacklisting, sticky agent, music on hold, and welcome tone.
  • Enterprises: For Rs 15,600, you get 12 months of validity, 12000 free minutes, 4000 free messages, unlimited agents, support for up to 10 departments, Multi-Level IVR, blacklisting, API integration for CRM and IVR, Live call transfer, welcome tone, real-time reports, and SMS acknowledgments. 

For toll-free numbers, both the plans are the same with the startup plan at Rs. 12000 and Enterprise plan costing Rs. 18000. 

For a premium plan, you can contact IVR guru for customized plans. 

Best For: Startups

#9. Telcob


Telcob specialties in custom IVR systems, bulk SMS services, toll-free numbers, miss call numbers, and cloud telephony. 

Telcob offers customer-friendly IVR systems for handling every call with specific instructions for a quick resolution. 


  • Easily create text to speech messages to upload recordings for better customer experience. 
  • Track calls for monitoring and quality purpose to increase efficiency. 
  • Option to use the existing number for hosted IVR giving you the flexibility to change numbers anytime. 
  • You can create specific paths to transfer customers to different departments to route calls easily. 
  • Music-on-hold to give your customers a pleasant waiting experience.
  • Web-based control panel for real-time monitoring. 
  • Automatic call recording and geo reporting for better targeting of customers. 


Telcob has three plans – Basic, professional, and guru plan. 

  • Basic: For Rs. 599, you get 3 extensions, call rate of Rs. 0.75 per minute, 1 concurrent call, and professional IVR. 
  • Professional: For Rs. 1099, you get 6 extensions, call rate of Rs. 0.70 per minute., caller notification, call transfer, call recording, professional IVR, and two concurrent calls. 
  • Guru: For Rs. 1799, you get all the features as a professional plan with 9 extensions and 3 concurrent plans. 

Best For: Startups

#10. Ziffy


Ziffy is an Indian company that offers a wide range of IVR plans suitable for startups up to the enterprise level. The company has integrated intelligent IVR systems for better routing of incoming calls for efficient management. 


  • Cloud-based telephony services for toll-free number, miss call numbers, Virtual number transactional SMS, and promotional SMS. 
  • Send SMS based alerts to clients and customers. 
  • 24×7 ticket-based customer support. 
  • Work hour setup and blacklisting feature for efficient cost management. 
  • Alerts for missed and received calls to mobile. 
  • Read to use widgets for complaint management. 
  • Call analytics to measure team performance. 
  • Call forwarding feature for less wait time.  
  • Real-time logs.
  • Unlimited level IVR for simultaneous call handling. 


You can choose plans specifically to a toll-free number, virtual number, missed call number, and SMS marketing. 

  • In toll-free number and the virtual number you get 4 options, Starter, Basic, Growth, and Advance plans with every plan coming with unlimited IVR and multi-user panel. The plan starts from Rs. 699 per month to 6000 rupees for the advance plan. 
  •  For missed call plans, it is Rs 750 for ownership number and 1250 for a toll-free number.
  • For the SMS plan, there is a flat rate of Rs. 0.15 per message with instant delivery, API access, anytime delivery, custom sender ID, bulk send option.

Best For: SMEs and startups.

#11. MyOperator


MyOperator is one of the major IVR service provider in the Indian market. They provide services to big brands like Food panda, Make My Trip, Lenskart, and many more. They offer interactive voice services and a business voice system. 


  • Virtual numbers to make and receive calls from clients and customers. 
  • Multilevel IVR to handle multiple calls at a time. 
  • Analytical reports, call history, performance report, call information, voice mail, and live dashboard. 
  • Call recording feature for quality control. 
  • Intercom facility to transfer calls between agents for better internal communication. 
  • Call forwarding feature to reduce wait time for customers. 
  • Sticky agent feature to assign a particular agent to resolve the issue faster for clients and customers. 
  • After hours call routing for specific agents for 24/7 availability. 


MyOperator offers two types of plan

  • Office Plan: you get two options. 
  • Mobile Number: Rs 2300 per month, unlimited minutes, IVR solution, Call tracking, Live panel, Voice mail, call forwarding, and call routing 
  • Toll-Free Number: Rs 2300 per month, 2000 minutes, IVR solution, call recording call tracking, call rates of Rs 1.2 per minute, voice mail, call forwarding, and call routing. 
  • Cloud Call Center: 
  • Desk Plan: For Rs 5000 per month,  you get 5000 minutes, support for up to 15 departments and 80 users. API and CRM integration, Time and location-based IVR, and call rate of  0.55 Rs per minute 
  • Prime Plan: For Rs. 20,000 you get unlimited departments, 20000 minutes, advanced call reports, and call rates of Rs. 0.45 per minute. 

If you are looking for an enterprise-level package, you can contact MyOperator for custom plans and additional premium features. 

Best For: SMEs and Startups

Final words

If you are looking for an inexpensive IVR for your startup, then Knowlarity is a great option due to its advanced IVR system that helps you to get a good impression on your customers so they remember your service better resulting in better conversions. 

If you are looking for IVR system deployment in multiple countries, Genesys is the way to go as they have the option to choose from local numbers of different countries along with scalable IVR systems. 

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